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Why choose Condos.XYZ?

Auto Condo Bot

No more "waiting for owner to upload condo"! you can find latest uploads 24/7 at this website and our discord!

Immediate reuploads

Our systems automatically upload a new game once the game gets deleted, so you can enjoy our games as much as you want!

Cheap gamepasses

No. We do NOT scam our players or make them pay big amounts for anything like gamepasses. You only need to buy once, and you keep it forever!

Private condos

You can get your very own private condo game by boosting or BTC/Robux. Fulll admin permissions and SS is included.

High Quality

We always give priority to high quality and strive to offer you the best games.

2/100P Uploads

We make both 100 player and 2 player size server. Of course we have different maps for each :)